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Tablet Sleeve


    • stylish pocket
    • practical and reliable
    • printable frontside




265,00 DKKi

Product details
This handy tablet sleeve protects your device all around and is made from a highquality vegan Skai® leather imitate with a printable frontside.

Tablet Sleeve black

Protection & special features
solid - strong - robust

  • Protects device backside and display
  • Shockabsorbant
  • Protects all operating elements
  • Protects all device edges

Fit & installation
Our sleeve fits just like a glove: your tablet slides with ease into the sleeve, which protects your device all around. Especially when storing your e-reader in your bag, the sleeves offers ideal protection for your device casing and display.
Extra tipp: use a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solution to clean your case.

Tablet Sleeve black
Tablet Sleeve black

Print technology
For our Sleeve Bag we are using our advanced direct printing technology. The frontside is fully printable, the back is left unprinted. You can order the phone case without print, printed completely or also with a partial print. Choose one of our exclusive, pre-made shop designs or let your creativity shine and create your very own unique design with your pictures, overlays and text.

Sizing details
Our tablet sleeve is available in 8 different sizes. For sizing details please check the referring image, which lists the maximum length and width your phone can have to fit into each sizing option.
If you cannot find your exact device in our shop, you can use the measurements of your tablet to match them to the right sizing option for you. In order to do so, search for "Tablet Sleeve Size 1" in the search field. On the following page you can determine the sizing option suitable for your tablet. If you'd like to protect your tablet additionally with a case, we suggest to choose the next bigger sizing option for your device.
In case you want more support for your search, you can reach out to our friendly service team at any time.

Tablet Sleeve black

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