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A picture says a thousand words - and looks even better...

You want to benefit from new, so far unused advertising spaces and leave a permanent impression in your intern and external communication? We offer this opportunity to you and your partners. Best of all: you already own the advertising spaces. We are talking about our daily electronic companions such as cell phones, notebooks, mp3 players and so on.

So how does it work? With DesignSkins®!

DesignSkins® are individually printed and cut vinyl foils which enables you to customize and design each product just the way you want to. This offers you a completely new range of options to communicate your brand message. In addition DesignSkins® also protect the devices from scratches and dirt.Notebooks, PCs, cell phones & organizers, calculators, mp3 player or game pads as well as tables and refrigerators can be individualized and presented as brand ambassadors. Use DesignSkins® for sales promotion, to support product campaigns or as a merchandising tool und leave a mark on your target group.At exhibitions, in lectures, customer presentations and meetings you communicate through DesignSkins® without using any words.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • With DesignSkins® you benefit from so far unused advertising spaces - efficient, attention-driven and reasonable.
  • Use DesignSkins® to reach different target groups depending on the advertising space and place of action
  • Even short-termed design changes are no problem at all (e.g. in case of frequent new product introductions)
  • DesignSkins® are removable without any residues at any time
  • DesignSkins® increase the presence of your enterprise using an uniform CI or campaign design for your employee′s electronics.
  • Time factor: Short-termed ideas can be implemented in a straightforward way. The standard production time of our DesignSkins® is two working days. Whether you are looking for a present for a customer presentation or an eye catcher due to recent events - DesignSkins® give you the maximum freedom to act and react to your customer′s needs.
  • No minimum charges, already possible for supports as of 1 piece
  • DesignSkins® by DeinDesign™ are characterized by top-quality materials. The fine air ducts on the adhesive side of the foil guarantee a bubble-free application in a matter of seconds. An additional laminate layer (matt or glossy) protects the design and the product and gives a noble appearance. That′s why DesignSkins® can′t be compared to any standard sticker. Find out more about the DesignSkins® Quality.