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Screen Protector 3D-Glass


    • 0,3mm tempered glass
    • Shatter protection
    • Residue-free removal

159,00 DKKi

Product details Our 0,3 mm thin display protection is self-adhesive and made from crystal clear, tempered glas. Nearly invisible but still offering strong protection for your display against scratches and breakage. The 3D-glas even protects rounded edges of the display. The functionality of your display won't be limited in any way through the 3D-glas.

Screen Protector 3D-Glass black

Protection & special features
solid - strong - robust

  • Protects display against scratches and breakage
  • Protects rounded display edges
  • 0,3 mm thin
  • Lightweight, bulk-free protection
  • Tempered 3D-glas

Fit The display glas foil is tailor-made for your device display. Even rounded edges are covered and you can choose the boarder of the glass matching to your device colour.

Screen Protector 3D-Glass black
Screen Protector 3D-Glass black

Installation 1. Clean the screen of your device thoroughly 2. Pull off the protective layer of the display glas foils 3. Lay the glas on your device display as straight and fitting as possible 4. When you are satisfied with the placement press down the glas to the device display 5. In case blisters do appear, use the included cloth to wipe them out - starting from the middle to the outside 6. You can remove the display glas in no time

Made with ❤ in Bad Kreuznach

Screen Protector 3D-Glass black

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