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Foils for Apple AirTags


    • Bubble-free installation
    • Residue-free removal
    • Brilliant print

65,00 DKKi

Product details

The durable premium vinyl foil is finished with a matt protective coating to keep your AirTag free from scratches. The premium foil is wafer-thin and hardly noticeable. The basic colour of the foil is white.

Foils for Apple AirTags matt

Protection & special features
Solid - strong - robust

  • Protected from scratches
  • Brilliant print image
  • Thin and light


The vinyl foil is made for you and your AirTag: the foil is tailored to fit your AirTag exactly. The special feature of the premium foil is that it is bubble-free, fits perfectly and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Foils for Apple AirTags matt
Foils for Apple AirTags matt


1. Peel the foil off the backing material and place it on your AirTag.
2. Do you want it to stay in that position? Then press the foil firmly in place.
3. If bubbles appear, they can easily be squeezed out of the foil.
4. You can remove the foil in no time at all without leaving any residue.

Print details

With this vinyl foil we use the solid direct print process followed by a matt coating. The print area covers the entire area. The foil can be ordered unprinted, fully printed or partially printed. For your design, either choose one of our exclusive shop designs or get creative and create your own design, for example with photos and overlays.

Foils for Apple AirTags matt
Foils for Apple AirTags matt

Made with ❤ in Bad Kreuznach

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