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Anti Spy Screen Protector 3D Glass

    • Anti Spy Privacy Screen
    • 0,7mm tempered glass
    • Easy to fit
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Product details

The 0.7 mm thick screen protector is made of crystal clear tempered glass. It reliably protects the display of your phone from scratches and breaks, and thanks to the anti-spy technology, your data is protected from prying eyes. From a viewing angle of more than 35°, nothing can be seen.

The function of your smartphone is not affected in any way by the 3D protective glass.

Anti Spy Screen Protector 3D Glass black

Special features

  • Integrated privacy screen
  • From 35° viewing angle
  • Protects the edges of the display
  • Removable without residue


The screen protector is precisely cut to fit the screen of your phone. Even rounded corners are easily covered without air bubbles and thus optimally protected.

Anti Spy Screen Protector 3D Glass black
Anti Spy Screen Protector 3D Glass black


  1. Clean your phone screen thoroughly.
  2. Remove the film from your protective glass.
  3. Place the glass exactly on your screen and press it lightly.
  4. Use the cloth to polish out any remaining bubbles.
  5. You can remove the protective glass in no time at all without leaving any residue.

Made with ❤ in Germany

Anti Spy Screen Protector 3D Glass black